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Jewellery is one of the most valuable assets that people possess. With increasing purchasing power and lust for showing high status people are happy to spend a high amount and thereby jewelry business is growing manifolds. But since the value of the goods in a jewelry store is high there is always a threat of theft which results in huge losses. RFID technology has overcome this alarming issue by providing solutions to jewelry stores for fool proof security. In addition the technology also provides real-time visibility of the inventory which helps to make accurate purchasing decisions. RFID in jewelry can thus help to ensure an optimal supply chain inventory level, while lowering the overall operating expenses.

Weak Security: A jewelry store is perhaps one such store which ha the most highly priced products. Higher the value higher is the extent of security required. The threat of theft or loss of assets thus requires the deployment of a error less tracking technology.

Time Consuming Inventory Taking: A jewelry store stacked with thousands of high valued ornaments find it difficult to know the exact stock of jewelry in their stores since currently the entire process is manual and hence time consuming. The need of these stores is thus a system that can automate the inventory taking process thus reducing manual effort and saving time.

In-effective contemporary technologies: Solutions like surveillance cameras and EAS are in-effective in the present system due to various reasons. Surveillance cameras are post-treatment method. It helps in identifying the security breach once the item is stolen. It does not help in
controlling the theft. EAS becomes unfeasible due to bigger tag size. Moreover it can be easily detached from the item.

1. RFID Sensors are spread across the stores that keep talking to each and every jewelery item with the help of tag. They help in getting real-time inventory. This enables automated and real time inventory management.

2. RFID Gate Sensor keep track of all items going out of store. In case of any unauthorized movement, alarm is raised.

3. Tamper poof tag mechanism: The tags provided by us are active and cannot be detached easily from the high value item. It raises an alarm if it is tampered with.



Highlighted Features

• Jewellery Catalog with seamless link to Jewellery inventory file.

• Separate Jewellery and Loose Stones inventory screens.
• Sales staff inventory control and maintenance.
• Customer's memos control and maintenance.
• Sales Order.
• Purchase Order.
• Jewellery Catalog
• Special physical inventory count utilities.
• Barcode capabilities.
• User defined customer mailing labels.
• Wide range of analytical reports.

System Requirements

Database Server :
Xeon , 4 GB RAM, 500 GB Hard Disk


Client Machines :

Processor above PIV


OS : Windows XP


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